Wednesday, September 27, 2006

(*&#&$#*)(@ Snack Day

I can handle learning lines for seven murder mysteries and being asked to perform any one of them on a moment's notice. I can handle directing a show with a cast of 20 people and coordinating all their schedules and trying to create something of artistic integrity with very little to work with. I can handle picking up sick kids at school and keeping my car running and folding five loads of laundry and signing permission slips. But SNACK DAY kicks my butt. Every time. I always forget until the last minute when it's someone's turn to bring in the snack and end up either buying something at midnight the night before or throwing something together. Today, Tarzan brought in a gallon sized zip-lock bag filled Cheerios, Kix, pretzels, goldfish and raisins. He glared at me and said, "Well, I'm only going to eat the Cheerios. Everything else is yucky." Who's the Mom of the Year? That's right...ME!!!


Linnie said...

I regularly forgot Snack Day last year, and always ended up stopping at the store 20 minutes before snack was supposed to be served, buying twice as much stuff than I needed out of guilt.

*sigh* We moms, we just can't win.

J and M said...

aren't you supposed to keep a years worth of snacks on the dryer?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but no one's allowed to eat the dryer food, so it's not much use for Snack Day. I say the heck with it - serve 'em deep fried sugar covered with peanut butter on a stick. A sharp, pointy stick. If one of the other moms doesn't like it, they can send Little Precious to school with her very own thermos of handmade tofu and soy butter. If you're lucky, maybe they'd decide to take you off the Snack Day rotation.

Anonymous said...

That last comment sounds like my sister, but it also sounds like a husband. "Screw it up, so they don't ask you to do it again"

Either way, its good advice.