Thursday, January 31, 2013


Windy last night!!
All night long the doors squeaked and the walls creaked and the windows rattled and spattered with rain.
Our grill blew over sometime during the storm - scary thought.  It seems to be all right...the propane tank is still attached, so that's good.  Stood it up this morning, lava rock flying everywhere. 

Then I went out to take David to the bus stop and saw this staring at me from across the street.  (I did not take this picture...but this is what he looked like!)

Wonder if he got blown out of his house too?

Monday, January 14, 2013


Timmy's home today - we've both been courting sore throats for a couple of days, and last night his turned into a barky cough.  Both strep and flu are going around his class, but there's no fever at all, and aside from the bark he doesn't really feel terrible.  So no Dr. visit, just a day at home.  Hopefully that won't turn out to be a mistake! I'm worried about work - I'm working from home today, but if all the kids get it and I have to miss more work, there's going to be trouble.  Plus the kids have no school Monday or Friday of next week, and I have to figure that out too.  Having a job is a pain in the butt. 

On the happy side of homesick, I got a package from Mom today with random left-behinds from Christmas.  Some undershirts of Don's, one glove, a toy horse that Santa forgot to leave under the tree, and some random food items.  Made me smile.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


He stole my socks!
This was today's battle cry.  Such righteousness! Such indignation!
Truth is, both boys wear the same size, same brand socks, and I buy a lot of them and distribute them randomly when sorting laundry. 
This morning, Timmy ran out and took a pair from David's drawer, which was apparently the first time David discovered that this is how the sock fairy works.  No, he declares, they are all MY socks.  All of them.
What makes some children swell with this type of entitlement? I will readily take whatever blame deserves to be laid at my feet, but I don't think he's been a materially spoiled child.  Somewhat coddled, yes.  I will own to that. 
But it's an issue (of which sock greediness is only the tip of the iceberg) that we are trying desperately to address.
It's yet another reason why I like summer much better than winter.
As Grandma-B always said, "No socks in the summer!"