Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just stuff

Oh, yes. We're definitely back in school. Cinderella's had strep, and the boys both have runny noses and fevers. They haven't complained of sore throats, so I haven't had them strep tested yet. I hope I'm not being that "carrier" mom who spreads it throughout the whole school! Unfortunately, I have to go in for a staff meeting today, so I have to drag Tarzan in with me, even though he feels like crap. If the Tylenol kicks in, I'll send him to preschool (which is at church anyway), and if not, he'll have to sit through staff with Cinderella and me. The staff loves me, let me tell you!
I went to the Halloween store yesterday and bought a Cleopatra type headdress for one of my murder mystery characters. I also bought some face paint crayons, because those are hard to find other times of the year. And you never know when you might need to paint someone's face! With the amount of money I've spent on costume pieces, this acting gig hasn't earned me a whole lot of money yet, but I'm sure having fun! I also just agree to teach a class on Thursday afternoons for the next six weeks. It's for ages 4-8 (so yes, they'll all be coming with me) and it's something about dramatizing poetry. I have no idea what the curriculum will be yet, I don't even know if they have something for me, or if I have to create it. Should be interesting!

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J and M said...

Well, if you discover a way to teach children that, perhaps you could run some classes for adults too...