Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ho ho ho

The play is over! The play is over! Hooray, hooray! This past weekend we performed a musical version of It's a Wonderful Life at my church, and it near killed me in the process. It was a behemoth that almost got away from me, but I conquered in the end. Bwah, ha ha ha! (Sound of crazed laughter) And now I have resurfaced, and looked around my house and said, egads, this place is a sty. So, as I said when Don asked me what I planned to do today, I'm trying to "make headway." Little by little, I'm trying to cross off the ridiculously long list of Christmassy things to do, and also take advantage of this silly 60 degree weather we've had yesterday and today. Big Wheels in December! Yippee!
I've also made the quasi-dangerous leap into Ebay sales this past couple of weeks. I've managed to sell about 20 things out of the attic, and make a total of perhaps, $40. I say quasi-dangerous because I'm a little addicted to the thrill of watching things get bid on. (Sorry about that grammer.) But throughout the process I've learned, if nothing else valuable, that the Post Office will sell postage online, you can print the label on regular paper on your own printer, and then you can schedule them to COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND PICK IT UP FOR YOU!!!! I think I'm never going to the post office again. Why did I not know this before? If only they'd install a drive through window at the grocery store, I'd be in 7th heaven.
The heathen are melting down in the kitchen, so that's all for now!