Thursday, May 27, 2010

I thought about going to the beach, but instead...

Finally finished the seasonal clothing switch today...summmer clothes in the drawers, winter clothes folded, boxed, and moved into the garage. Vacuumed the house. Straightened out my new prescription with my new insurance. Returned some stuff to Walmart, and bought two lemons. (Why? Keep reading!)Read some of Wally Lamb's "The Hour I First Believed." Read more of it. Read so much I ran out of time to work out. Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and ate dinner outside for the first time this year. Went to the cubscout Talent Show. Tarzan was great...juggled lemons (see?), did a magic trick, and told a joke. He had a wig, two different hats, a crazy coat and a blue tutu. He was a big hit. Second best was the kid who played "Row Your Boat" on the electric ukelele. Tomorrow I need to pack Cinderella a lunch for her field trip, get my run in, go to a planning meeting for "The Wiz" (the second theater camp I'm teaching at this summer) then come home and pack for the weekend. My plane to NYC leaves at 5:45pm. I have no idea what to pack! But I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer plans

Scooby's had two Tae Kwon Do lessons so far, and I think it's a hit! He seems to be really enjoying himself, and he looks really cute in his little outfit! (Sorry, that probably wasn't very respectful to the outfit...I'm sure it has a special name and everything.) There are two female masters that teach the class, and they seem to be really good with the kids. I have a feeling he'll want to continue when the free trial is over...perhaps an idea for a birthday present? Thought I'd fill everyone in on our travel plans, in case anyone cares. Friday night I'll be flying in to LGA (and hey, do I get to get picked up in the cute new convertible, or am I still stuck with the smelly, puke-inducing taxi?) Sometime Sunday afternoon, I'm planning on driving our shiny new (to us) Saturn to DC and maybe getting there in time for dinner with Mom, Dad, and Lisa. Monday I'll drive the rest of the way home. The weekend of June 4th and 5th, we'll be camping out with the cubscouts here in VA beach. Timmy's birthday party will be either on Friday the 11th or Saturday the 12th. David's will probably be Thursday the 17th. Don and the kids will be driving to Pittsburgh either right after school on the 18th, and stopping in DC (if you're home, Lisa)or driving straight through on the 19th. (Happy Anniversary to us!) The four of them will be in Pittsburgh that whole week, and Don will fly back to VA on Sun. the 27th. I'll be flying in to Pittsburgh on Saturday, July 3rd, and driving the kids back on Sunday, the 4th. Possibly staying at Lisa's, even though she's not home? And coming back early enough on Monday that I can go to work at 6:00pm. Then we're here through Aug. 15th, since I'm working camps. Then, hopefully, we'll be driving up to MA. I'll fly back here for the first week of classes, starting the 23rd, then fly back, pick up the kids and drive back here. Sounds fun for everyone except me! While in Pittsburgh, I'm hoping to have a little get-together for David and some of his friends at Pizza Hut, to celebrate his birthday again, hopefully making up for the fact that he has to sit in a car all day on his birthday. Don and I will have a whole week here without kids to celebrate our anniversary! I'm tired just looking at all of this.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello again!

Yes, it's been awhile since I've written, and the longer I wait the more there is to write and I get all overwhelmed and don't want to write anything. I've had very little motivation to write anything since school ended and I guess I've just been taking a little vacation from it! But life has been trucking right along. Our memory card broke, and now the computer won't read the new one, but as soon as I can I'll post some pictures of Tarzan's new haircut and Scooby's new glasses. Tarzan's enjoying cubscouts and baseball, Scooby starts a free month of Tae Kwon Do lessons this afternoon, and Cinderella is staging elaborate Barbie shows in her room. I've been trying to take advantage of my "vacation" days - while the kids are still in school, but before I begin teaching summer camps - to work out a lot. I'm currently doing two training schedules. I'm following a 10K training program, which would theoretically have me able to run a 10K by the end of July, not that I have plans to actually do one. I'm running three days per week, crosstraining for two, and either doing yoga for one and resting for one, or resting for two, depending my weekend schedule. So far, I'm on week two. On the crosstraining days, I'm using some P90x videos that someone gave to Don. I've only done two so far, and they are tough. The first was "Chest and Back" and requires the use of a pull-up bar, which I don't have, and wouldn't be able to do even if I had it, so I modified the exercises quite a bit, but still got a good upper body workout. The second way "Plyometrics" which is lots of jumping, lunging, squats, etc. I was actually able to do most of this one, with very few modifications, thanks to all the Rapier and Dagger lunging, probably. My knees are complaining a little today, but I was able to complete today's run without any trouble. I'm running 4 miles, interpersing one minute walk breaks for every five minutes of running. The running stretches get longer in week four. So there's my exciting entry for today! Was it worth waiting for?