Saturday, January 30, 2010

Elephant Man update

Here are some photos of my character in Elephant Man. The shows are going amazingly well. In fact, I've been nominated for an Irene Ryan Acting award (from the KCACTF adjudicator) The process of pursuing winning the actual award is kind of intensive, so I may not pursue it, but it's a huge honor to be nominated, and I'm pretty psyched about it!
On more of a bummer note, both our shows tomorrow have been cancelled due to the forecast of a possible foot of snow for tomorrow. They've added a show on Sunday evening to try to accomodate the audience, but it's really sad not to be able to do the shows. I'm really going to miss this work.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Apple Product


Sunday, January 24, 2010

One weekend down...

Opening weekend has gone extremely well. We've gotten great feedback and I feel really good about how the show is going. We had an adjudicator from KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival - Whew - almost as bad as SPEBSQSA!)come to the show last night and she had lots of good feedback both about the show and for me in particular! (Other actors too, not JUST me, but she did have some for me) I have lots of homework backlogged, and the kids are really missing me, but I have to say again...I love what I'm doing. There should be some pictures coming soon, I hope.
Wish you all could see it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tech - Tock

Tech rehearsals aren't much fun. Today was "dry tech", which means the lighting, sound and slides guys figure out how to make what the director envisions come into reality. We crew and actors sit around and sigh a lot, and stand onstage if they need a body on which to focus the lights. Tomorrow is "wet tech" where, in theory, we run through the show moving from cue to cue and working transitions. I say in theory, because at the rate we were moving today, we'll finish the "dry tech" process sometime after opening night on Friday. Seriously, we were averaging two hours per scene. There are 21 scenes in the show. By the end of this evening, I'm estimating they'll be finished with scene 6. The good news is, the actors were only called in four hour blocks instead of the whole rehearsal. Tomorrow we have to be there the whole day - 1:30pm until around midnight. Yippee.

The Pinewood Derby was fun, although I didn't get to stay for the whole thing. The boys didn't win anything, but they liked seeing all the other cars and getting a chance to race theirs. Cinderella got to go to a birthday party today, so she had a good weekend too.

What's going on outside the theater walls?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Stolen, but lovely

This is from one of the blogs I follow called Notes to Self. You can find the blog at This post could completely be about Scooby. It's perfect and makes me cry.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
The Cusp
He stands in the music section of Barnes and Noble, the twenty dollar gift card burning a hole in his pocket, indecision burning a hole in his heart. In one hand, he clutches yet another definitive field guide to Pokemon, the cartoon characters that have been his obsession since first grade. In the other, an object of recent desire, a newly remastered Beatles cd. He is ten years old for only seven more days. He is moving into the in-between place. Moving out of childhood.

One night, several weeks ago, I peeked into his bedroom, and saw the baby in his sleeping face. The glimpses of that are so rare now. I gazed from the doorway a long moment, not knowing if I would ever catch that sweet sight again.

I wonder how aware he is of where he stands poised, how much consciousness undergirds the angst he feels as he weighs the little boy's book against the young man's music. I remember being his age, holding my favorite doll and stuffed animal to my breast at night, weeping quietly with the knowledge that I was passing from their world into another, one where I wouldn't be able to hear them speak.

Sometimes I look at my own weathered, sun-spotted hand, and am amazed to think it is the very same hand that once closed around my mother's finger, and grabbed at my father's beard. It feels like we move on as we go through life, but we never leave our own skin. I wonder if my baby self ever visits my face at night.

He chooses the Beatles album, and in spite of--or through--my own poignant projections, I'm pleased. I discovered their music the summer I was eleven, and listened to nothing else until I got through junior high. It's a good map.

We get home and rip the cd to his new MP3 player. Not many "pretend" toys in his pile this year. I toss it to him over the back of the couch, and he catches it. "Thanks, Mom!" He can rest his chin on my shoulder easily. It's time for braces, and middle school, and talks that I am nowhere near ready to deliver.

He puts on the headphones, and jumps to his feet, bigger than mine. My little boy is gone, I think. Into a world where he won't hear me speak.

Then he skips across the family room like a runaway shadow, and I smile and think, not yet.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First Day of Rapier and Dagger Class

Pass Forward.
Pass Backward.
Hop Forward.


ps: When one is being sincerely thanked and appreciated, it is impolite to correct the grammar of the thanker.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

We are back in Virginia, after a wonderful - if germ filled- Christmas at home Mass. So great to have all the family there! Played cards (too) late into the night, drank wine and ate lots of cookies. Yeah, so everybody was sick and hacking all over each other. What's Christmas without a little communal Mucinex abuse?
But we're back, and already full into the swing of things. I have four classes this semester - Text Analysis, Scene Study, Rapier and Dagger, and "Surviving the Dance Call" which is basically a Dance class focusing of a different style every three weeks or so. Started up rehearsals for Elephant Man again tonight - show opens in two and a half weeks!
Scooby was cast in his school play about James Madison. He's playing...James Madison! "The part was so big, they split it between two people!" He's pretty excited.
Don is feeling overwhelmed at work. But he still likes this base better than the other one.
So in between classes this week I need to finish unpacking and take down all the Christmas decorations. Blech.
Thanks to everyone who made this Christmas so great for the kids and for Don and I. We are very grateful and love you all!!!