Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back To School

Only brief comments today, and then some pictures. There is no turning back now...never again will my babies be not-yet in school. They have boarded the education train, and she's rolling down the tracks. Also, Cinderella is already feeling better - I love pink drugs.


Linnie said...

I love your red door! Our door is red too. For some reason, though, the Wieselquists have a tradition of always taking first-day-of-school pics in front of the refrigerator. If I can get the Husband to take them off the camera, I'll post them over at Quistilton soon.


GM said...

They are all grown up!!!Boo Hoo!
Beautiful babies.

Aunt Lisa said...

For how many days at a time do they go? Those packs are huge! I pack less than that for weekend trips.