Friday, September 01, 2006


What things bring you life? What things drain you? These are questions that I've been asked a couple of times in the past few weeks by different people...sometimes it seems that's how God works to get my attention - He'll hit me over the head a few times by having totally unconnected people talk to me about exactly the same issues. Fall, back to school, back to work, it always seems to be a time of reflection and self-evaluation for me. Much more so than "New Year's" Day, which seems to be a pretty random time of year for re-invention. But this time of year, the kid's are all starting new schedules, Scooby's in 2nd grade, Tarzan in 4-year old preschool 3x per week, and Cinderella's in 3-year old preschool 2x per week. I'm starting new projects at church and in the theater group, we're back to getting up early in the mornings. (Okay, we got up early all summer, as I've been cursed with early riser kids, but now we're actually showering, dressing, and going places early in the morning.) It's a time for shaking off the summer laziness and getting serious again. Blech.
So what brings me life? Conversations with a certain few people in my life. Being near the ocean. God, I miss the ocean out here in the land of the three rivers. Rivers just aren't the same. Singing on the worship team. Reading a good book. Getting outdoors and running, or even walking. Rehearsing the mystery shows. When the kids are sweet to each other - helping each other out, or hugging each other for no particular reason. The fact that Cinderella's almost pottytrained! (Hooray!) The beach.
What drains me? Conversations with other certain people in my life. Having to call just about anyone on the phone. Cooking dinner when I know it's going to be met with whining and complaining every time. Getting up in the dark. Trying to gather people together to "form a community" artificially. (Part of my job at church which I'm trying to change) Playing with Little People toys. I don't know why, I should like it, but I don't! Being so far away from my family. Being so far away from the ocean.
There seems to be a theme here doesn't there? Now if anyone can tell me how to pick up my life here and transfer it to the ocean, that would be much appreciated.
I'm going to try to make writing more of a discipline for myself. It won't always be blog writing, but hopefully sometimes it will. I didn't start a blog to have it hanging out there reproaching me with it's lack of entries. So, for the time being, I'm back, and trying to hold on to the things that bring life, amid all the scheduling and readjusting to things.


J and M said...

Well, Maine has ocean. And I hear there's theatre there too...And its sure cheaper than MA. And its a hell of a lot closer to RI than PA is...

Linnie said...

Hey, I'm glad you're back! I miss the ocean, too...J & M will have us all moving out to RI, yet!