Thursday, February 11, 2010


I had every intention of updating last night, but I fell asleep in a chair at 8:45pm. Moved upstairs around midnight. Guess I was tired!
Took Scooby to the new pediatrician yesterday for a well-child check-in. They couldn't do all three on the same day, for some reason, so I had Scooby yesterday, Tarzan today and Cinderella tomorrow.
Everything's on a pretty even keel right now - classes are going well, the kids are doing okay in school, Don's work is chugging along.
We may have an interesting situation with our landlords. They want to break their contract with the Property Management company, and rent directly to us. If that happens, they're willing to cut us a break on rent if we re-sign with them for two more years. They'd drop our rent by $80/month. Since I can't really see anything forcing us to move out of this place before Regent is done, I think that might be a pretty good deal. We'd been contemplating (well, Don more than me) looking around for someplace cheaper, but the thought of having to pack everything up and move it again this soon was making me physically nauseous. So we'll see how that works out.
Who's ready for spring???


Carol said...

ME---I'm MORE than ready!! Got another foot of snow yesterday---about 3 feet all together. And, guess what, it's snowing now. Still didn't get the driveway plowed----trying to wait until the snow stops! Florida sure sound good now! I love your blogs and skype. Helps the "missing you" part of my life.

Melissa said...

Huh - that would be pretty cool. Why would the landlord want out of their contract? I assume they pay the property mgt. people money for? something?

Amy said...

Yeah, they pay them to "manage the property." Arrange for repairs, collect the rent, stuff like that. And in exchange, the owners pay them. I don't know how much, but I guess it's enough that they can offer us a deal! They're moving back into this area - 15 minutes away - and think it would be easier to handle it themselves.