Friday, February 19, 2010

Next Season

We got an email today letting us know what the 2010-2011 Season will be here at Regent. This is big news for several reasons: The shows we're cast in play a big part in coloring our experiences here at the school. Both for whom you'll be spending a large chunk of your time with and for what kind of material you'll be immersed in. Also, it informs what kinds of material we should be working on for the May Juries, which serve not only as a final grade/audition technique workshop but also as an actual audition for first couple of shows of the season. The second years are even more invested in these choices, because their Thesis roles will be selected from among these plays. Out of the six shows, I'm only familiar with three of them, which just means I'm more ignorant of the theater scene than I should be! Right now, I don't have a huge reaction to this season either way, positive or negative. I will be trying to track down the three shows that I'm unfamiliar with, along with most of the other MFA's, I'm sure, and then I'll have a better sense for what I might be up for.
They are:
September: Leaving Iowa, by Tim Clue and Spike Manton
October: Our Town, by Thornton Wilder
Nov/Dec: The Last Night of Ballyhoo, by Alfred Uhry
Jan/Feb: The Runner Stumbles, by Milan Stitt
March: Medea, by Euripides
Apr/May: Fiddler on the Roof, by Joseph Stein, Jerry Block, and Sheldon Harnick

In a week and a half I start my production hours for You Can't Take it With You, and after the run of that show I have about two weeks before the production hours begin for Godspell. I put in an application to work at the Summer Theater Camps here in July and August. I'm immensely qualified, but apparently the competition for jobs is pretty tough. Hopefully that will work out, although I don't know what the pay is like yet!


Melissa said...

Euripides pants, you pay for 'em!!

SMNYC said...

Based on this, and the comments on my blog, I believe M might've cracked a beer or two tonight.

CassandraMadeIt said...

You probably know this: Milan was the head of the playwriting program at CMU; he just passed.
Hope you get roles that stretch you. :)