Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Outside Perspective is a Good Thing

So he's not going to play. He wants to play baseball, but not on a team. He still likes the game, but doesn't want to join Little League. (insert sad face here)
I went and signed Tarzan up, and sold my soul to the Green Run Little League in exchange for a discount on registration. They WILL be calling me to volunteer. Grr. Thank you all for your insight.


Carol said...

Good decision. Scooby is talented in so many other ways. Consecrate on those areas. He may not be athletically inclined but he's very bright and creative. He'll have fun playing baseball with no pressure!

M.M. said...

Carol is right. He will be fine.
Let him find himself.

Amy said...

I'm trying!

SMNYC said...

What, he hasn't found himself yet? Jeesh. What's wrong with that kid!

Amy said...

Takes after his uncle. : )