Friday, November 27, 2009

Twenty Seven

Had a relaxing day today. I convinced Scooby to snuggle with me a bit this morning and watch TV, thereby avoiding the daily fight over the computer. Went for a run. Finished my paper on The Lion in Winter. Played a multiplication matching game with Scooby and Tarzan. Played Chinese Checkers. Watched Amahl and the Night Visitors. Make Chocolate Chip cookies. Ate homemade turkey soup for dinner. Went to Holiday Lights on the beach. Read stories. Surfed the internet for Christmas gift ideas.

Tomorrow I plan to take down Thanksgiving decorations and start putting up Christmas ones. Also, do some research for Elephant Man, and review lines for Little Women.

Good day.


Melissa said...

That sounds good. Did you watch Charlie Brown? did you see the one about the Mayflower? I'd never seen that one before. It was really cute.

Amy said...

Yeah, it's on the DVD with the regular Thanksgiving one. The kids liked it a lot better this year than last.