Sunday, November 15, 2009

Post Fifteen

Random Thoughts:

Burning candles in the fireplace really is surprisingly cozy. However, one of them has kind of a funky smell. However again, they're too pretty to blow out.

Tonight has signalled the parade of the slugs through the wall by the front door. Four and counting. Where did they come from? What do they want? Is what we've told Scooby true - that they are afraid of heights and would NEVER climb up to his top bunk while he's sleeping?

The November Nor'easter has significantly messed up my running schedule. I feel fat.

My kids RAKED THE YARD today without being asked!!!! No, they didn't rake the whole yard, and yes, they did a crappy job, but who cares!!! Major kid-points accumulated today.

Visited another church today...probably not a keeper, but very nice people. I'm beginning to feel like Goldilocks. Too hot, too cold. I don't want to keep floating around, but I don't want to settle just because I'm tired of floating around. When is it time to say, "this one is good enough?"

Don is mopping the kitchen floor. But, he has a really bad attitude about it, so the points only count for half.

Tomorrow the kids go back to school. Huzzah!


M.M. said...

Wish I could remember what I wrote last night when I couldn't get on. Guess it wasn't too important.
Have a good week at school.

Blackbird said...

Dratted kids never rake the lawn right.

How did they rake it underwater?

Tell Scooby the slugs won't bother to climb up his bunkbed - they'll just drop down from the ceiling. Hope he doesn't sleep with his mouth open.

J said...

The creepy crawlies (and slimey slideys) are much bigger down in VA. Maybe they have a longer growing season? And I second Lisa's thought about them dropping. If there's a rug in the way, they probably won't make it to his room though.

Amy said...

Okay, ew. I'm so NOT going to tell him that. You people are not at all helpful.

SMNYC said...

Pour a line of salt across his doorway

Blackbird said...

I suppose I shouldn't mention the slug I mistook for a leaf on my upstairs bedroom carpet last spring?

jerrine said...

Enough about the slugs...
Church shopping is kind of like husband shopping, you'll just know...