Saturday, November 14, 2009

Post Fourteen

Yeah, so. It's still raining.

I had rehearsal again today. It's coming along. One of our major challenges is taking a mediocre script of a beloved story and finding the active character choices within it. How to make "Marmee" a living breathing person instead of an iconic "perfect" mother, like Carol Brady or Caroline Ingalls; and also not the melodramatic, sighing version written in this particular version of the script.
Kids are still enjoying their impromtu vacation. They've watched "Up" and "Monsters vs. Aliens", brushed up on their Wii skills, and finished all their required reading for the month of November. Cinderella's reading is coming along, but she still gets fatigued quickly, and slides onto the floor, gasping dramatically.
I've been working on my latest paper assignment, which is a "practice" Thesis - not the whole thing, just the Introduction and the Works Cited page for the first Chapter. In preparation, I've been reading couple of Theses from the past years in the Regent library. Interesting reading, but kind of daunting when I think of the magnitude of the task ahead. The play I've chosen for my practice Thesis is A Lion in Winter, which is one of my favorite plays. (You may know the film version with Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn.) In retrospect, I probably should have chosen Elephant Man, and saved myself some work! Oh well.


Melissa said...

Well, at least you can congratulate Cinderella for being and active, thinking, breathing person. We wouldn't want her to be the caricature of a perfect child...=)

CassandraMadeIt said...

All the opportunities for rich character work lay in the moment. Just listen and respond... you know what to do!

Your thesis is going to rock!!!

I hope I get to meet your kids. They sound like incredible people!

Blackbird said...

How about Ionesco's "Rhinoceros"? Quick reading, and whatever you say about it can't be proved wrong.

Whaddaya mean you're not showing up for Thanksgiving?