Thursday, November 05, 2009

Post Number 5

Ten things I'm liking right now:
Sunny mornings
Little Women rehearsals
My self-discipline
Listening to Cinderella read
Grey's Anatomy
Learning new stuff
Healthy family
Shuffle setting on the ipod
Getting email/facebook messages/blog comments

Ten things I'm not liking:
Scrounging in my backpack for enough coins to buy coffee from the vending machine
Feeling tired every day at 5:00pm
Struggling with Scooby about homework
Cooking meals from an empty fridge
Back fat
Stress about travel plans/money/lack of time
Talkers who dominate class time
Stiff neck

Ten things I accomplished this week:
Combat quiz on fight phrase 3
Combat quiz on self-choreographed fight
Made it up to 24 minutes straight running
20 action classical Movement barre
Discovered and developed new activity for Meisner class
Vacuumed floors
Meisner book Abstract
Submitted movement journal
The shortest teacher conference in the history of the world
Started daily blogging

Early to bed tonight, I hope.


M.M. said...

You are way too busy!!!!!

CassandraMadeIt said...

I like this 10 item list thing. I wanna do this thing! You inspire me!

Back fat sucks. heehee

Melissa said...

Maybe the 'dieting' part has to do with the 'feeling tired at 5' part?