Monday, November 09, 2009

Post Number Nine

If I could fly...
I'd leave the doubts and debts and darkness down on earth/
I'd soar over ocean and shadow the dolphins stitching their bodies through waves/
Fleeing the fear and freeing the child me inside/
Release and free and expand eluding no longer/
I'd circle the tree tops seeking most glorious leaves/
Opening, unblocking, turning old patterns inside out/

I'd race the clouds across the star studded sky/
I'd cradle the kids and listen to them laugh as the wind raked their hair/
Touching down, but never getting stuck/
Always, always, returning to flight/
If I could fly.


Carol said...

One day you will---God promised!

Blackbird said...

With all that swooping and soaring, the child-you would be hurling nonstop.