Saturday, February 28, 2009

Small things, part 3

1. Good mystery show tonight - good audience, nice feedback.
2. Good Odyssey meeting this afternoon - no injuries, everyone there, got a lot done.
3. Good haircuts for the kiddos this morning. Cinderella's is up to her shoulders - she's been begging to get it cut, and loves it!
4. No mail today, for some reason. And yes, I've decided to count that as a blessing.
5. Scooby and I are now reading "The Black Cauldren." I LOVE sharing my favorite books with my kids!


Melissa said...

Have they read the great brain books yet?

Amy said...

David almost got one at the library today, but decided on one about baseball instead.

Cassandra Hamilton said...

Such a great book! The whole series is so gooooood. Lucky boy! Lucky mom!