Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy President's Day

Mine will be spent much as my Valentine's Day full Mommy mode. V-Day, I took Scooby to a "Spontaneous Fun Day" at his school - to practice sponteous problems for Odyssey of the Mind. I know, it's an oxymoron. And they still haven't learned to build tall towers out of random materials. No structural engineers in this group. Then, I took Cinderella to buy a birthday present for her friend and dropped her off at the party. Then we picked her up and went to the library to renew Scooby's Battle of the Books reading selection.'s kind of a blur after that. Today, I have Beauty and the Beast rehearsal and then a LONG Odyssey meeting where we be exploring the comparative merits of liquid nails, hot glue, and sewing. I'm tired already, just thinking about it. I spent all night dreaming about subway card machines that wouldn't give me change and leaving baby strollers in the middle of the street. A tribute, I think, to both Steve and Melissa. It shows you're on my mind!

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