Friday, February 27, 2009

Late things

Late post tonight - I went out for a "work" meeting at a beer joint. We were supposed to be working on paperwork for Odyssey, but it just turned into a bitch session. With beer. The most fun meeting I've been to yet!
So, no list today. I'm tired. Although probably not as tired as Steve, who seems to be treating the whole Vegas experience as one long sleep-deprivation experiment. I got off the phone with him today and Scooby asked me, "So WHO's torturing Uncle Steve?" Hard to explain, really.
Scooby had mandatory baseball "tryouts" tonight, so the coaches could "draft" their teams. Pretty painful. He wasn't very happy afterwards. This will be the make or break year for baseball, I think.
Tarzan's reading, and greatly enjoying, the "Captain Underpants" books. I managed to steer Scooby away from them, but no such luck with Mr. Independence! He decided to strip down yesterday and BE Captain Underpants for awhile. Of course, he's been doing that for awhile...

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Melissa said...

Underpants, underpants, we like captain underpants!!