Thursday, February 19, 2009


I feel like I'm in a state of limbo, waiting for these schools to get back to me. For the past three weeks, I've been in a place of having done everything that I can do to expedite the process, and am merely waiting for the judgement to fall.

(often initial capital letter) Roman Catholic Theology. a region on the border of hell or heaven, serving as the abode after death of unbaptized infants (limbo of infants) and of the righteous who died before the coming of Christ (limbo of the fathers or limbo of the patriarchs).
a place or state of oblivion to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when cast aside, forgotten, past, or out of date: My youthful hopes are in the limbo of lost dreams.
an intermediate, transitional, or midway state or place.
a place or state of imprisonment or confinement.

a dance from the West Indies, originally for men only, in which the dancer bends backward from the knees and moves with a shuffling step under a horizontal bar that is lowered after each successive pass.

Out of the above definitions, the one that I was thinking of when I thought "limbo" was number 3, a transitional or midway state. Neither here, nor there. Incapable of making future plans, or investing in present circumstances. However, upon reflection, number 4 also seems to fit. Also, number 5. Bending backwards, shuffling, as the bar is lowered.


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Thinking positive thoughts for you.