Thursday, June 01, 2006

Girls are sneaky

Tarzan was never a good sleeper from day one. He fought sleep loudly, voraciously, and firmly. He often still does, although he's gotten a little better at it...I like to think we've worn him down with our firm, consistent parenting, but more likely, he's just more tired since he usually doesn't nap anymore.
Cinderella, however, was always a good sleeper...until we removed the pacifier.
Since then she has napped...twice.
And now that we've moved her into the big-girl bed, she can be mobile while she's not sleeping.
Unlike Tarzan, however, she doesn't stand at the top of the stairs and yell, "MOM!!!!!MOM!!!!MOM!!!" for 15 straight minutes. No, she is a girl, so she is sneaky.
Yesterday I went into my room after "naptime" and found a row of clean washclothes lined up on the floor, like some kind of bath-themed firing squad. Had I heard her in my room? No. Did I ever find out the reason for the elegant procession of washcloths? no.
Just now I went up to check on her, opened her bedroom door, and lo! She was not there. Again, she was in my room, looking very suspiciously innocent. No washcloths lined up this time. Perhaps she was just beginning to plot the demise of another laundry item, or maybe she was doing something completely different that I haven't yet discovered.
Which is better? I kind of like the quiet of the sneaky non-napper, but it was nice to know exactly what was going on with the noisy one. I guess time will tell.

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Mom said...

But she's such a cute sneaky one!!! She looks and acts like her Mom did! What goes around-----