Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I have a preference!

Okay, I definitely prefer the noisy non-napper to the stealth bomber. Yesterday, Cinderella managed to cross a threshold that I thought I had escaped...and had, so far, with the boys. Yes, she finger-painted her new big-girl bed with poop. The mesh side rails, the white comforter, the pillow. And did she feel bad about it? Was she afraid to tell me? No. (Her) "Mama, my hand poopy." (Me) "What? WHY is your hand poopy? What ELSE is poopy?" (Her) "Oh. My bed." As if to say, oh, that old thing? Funny you should ask. And today, I find out that she has peeled off all the decorative flowers, sequins, etc. that were on the letter "E" that Grandpa had made for her and hid them under the bed. Um, E for Cinder-ELLA, of course. She is by far the most destructive of the three, and so freakin' quiet about it.
When she's not weeping loudly for absolutely no reason, of course. (Me) "Why are you crying?" (Her) "I (sob) don't (sob, sob, wail) know!!!!"
Looking forward to Grandma and Grandpa coming to visit this weekend...unless of course they change their minds after reading this!!!


J and M said...

My poor bed...

mean Aunt L said...

Sounds like time to put her back in the crib. She can have a big-girl bed when she decides to be a big girl. Or at least a continent one.