Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Tarzan!

Well, you're 4 years old today. You woke up with a smile and said, "Today I'm lucky!" Of course the big party was yesterday, so you're a little bleary eyed, and wanting to play with all the new toys at once - for 3 seconds at a time. Favorite gifts so far - a scooter, and a spiderman chair that folds out into a futon. Last night when you went to bed, I said, "Tomorrow when you wake up, you'll be four!" And you said, "Really? How will I change?" "You probably won't feel any different," I said, "But you'll really be four." And this morning, after feeling lucky, you said, "You're right, Mom. I don't feel any different. But I think my laugh grew." Which is probably very true. Your laugh gets bigger every year. And so does the rest of you!. You're starting to leave toddler-hood behind, and entering the world of a fully developed PERSON. Of course, you've always been strong of personality. You entered the world with feistiness and determination, cried through your first 12 weeks, and emerged...fiesty and determined. Some might say stubborn. But with a huge sense of humor, a highly contagious giggle, and a definate cuddly streak. You are my clown, my performer, my acrobat. Although a middle child, there's no danger of you being left out or not getting enough attention! You are an action hero come to life - last year you had a Spiderman birthday, this year a Batman one. Running, jumping, tumbling, swimming, wrestling - you only stop when sleep overtakes you, and that's always a fight too. I'm so proud of you, my little man. Keep on fighting for your place in the sun. Keep on making everyone around you smile with you. Keep on enjoying your life. Happy Birthday!

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g,ma said...

Happy Birthday, little love! What your Mom said, I double and triple. You make us laugh and what greater gift is that?