Thursday, May 25, 2006

They're growing up too fast!!!

Tarzan had his last day of preschool today. He won awards for 1st place in the Basketball Throw, and second place in the Penguin Race. He stood right in the front of the class and sang all the songs and then made funny faces until everyone laughed. All the kids wrote prayers for their teachers and collected them in a prayer jar. Tarzan's went like this: For Ms. Cheryl - I pray that she will be good. She is very nice. She is silly. For Ms. Lynda - She has nice hair. She puts on the clean-up song when it is time to clean up. I pray that she will not be sad when Ms. Cheryl is gone.
Scooby's last day of school is tomorrow. He wrote a poem about his school because they are renovating it next year, and he will be bussed to another school 20 minutes away. He wrote: "Osborne is being changed. Osborne is getting better. Osborne is my favorite school. Even though it will LOOK different, the memories will still be in the walls. Goodbye school! See you in third grade!" He also had his first orthodontic consultation. Dr. Forrest says it's not a matter of IF he'll need braces, just a matter of when. He said we'll let the roots grow a little more, and we'll come back in October for a "spacer".
Cinderella is graduating into a "big girl" bed. We repainted her walls yellow, and I stenciled an ivy border across the top. She's getting Aunt Melissa's old canopy bed, and it should be all ready to go by tomorrow night. Sigh.
I miss my babies.


Aunt L. said...

What did you do to his HAIR!!!

Anonymous said...

I said, where is his hair too!!!!