Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy 2009!

Yes, it's January, 2009 and I can no longer procrastinate looking at the ever so scary "financial aid" portion of the college application process. The new FAFSA (federal student loan application) is available and at least one of the schools needs it completed by tomorrow. Of course, the information on the FAFSA is dependent on your 2008 tax return, which I cannot yet complete since I've only received one of the forms out of the 5 DIFFERENT ONES I need, and the one that Don needs in order to complete it. So I spent about two hours today trying to fudge my way through completing a tax form so I could at least get some estimated numbers to put into the other form. In the meantime, the other form timed out and I can't currently retrieve it. Which is probably okay, because I have to go pick up the boys in 15 minutes so I can drag all three kids to a production meeting for Beauty and the Beast. Then we'll return home, I'll fix dinner, nag them to do their homework, do baths, and try to get them to bed so I can finish the freaking form in time to watch the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. On the plus side, I'm way ahead in terms of completing our taxes.
I'll write more about the holidays at another time, when I'm not so crabby. They truly were wonderful, despite the bronchitis.

ps: 8:45pm There. It's done. Stupid forms.

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Melissa said...

Financial aid forms suck. Almost as much as tax forms. Only there are no computer programs to do the FAFSA forms for you. Bleh.