Friday, January 23, 2009

The glamorous life

Not much exciting going on here...just trying to run down the list of errands before I leave tomorrow. Return library books, print out itinerary for Don of my activities and the kid's activities. Double check babysitting arrangements and rides to activities for kids. Get copies of headshots made(a pain in the butt, but too boring to elaborate on). Mail some long overdue forms. Try to burn into my brain where I have to be and when and what form of public transit I'm taking to get there. I have phone numbers of two friends from college, one in NY and one in CT that I'm going to try to connect with while I'm gone, I hope that works out. Clean the fish tank. Pick up Scooby's new glasses. Organize my clothes. Go to the bank. Exciting!!!
Today I'm packing and cleaning the dentist office, getting a travel book from the library, and making another trip to the post office. My flight is tomorrow at 11:30! Pray for me - or at least do what they say in England...hold your thumbs for me!

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M.M. said...

Thinking of you and sending prayers your way. You will do just fine!