Friday, January 16, 2009


I suppose it will sound redundant to most of the country to admit that it's cold here. Freezing. Quite a bit below freezing, actually. Like minus 2 degrees. Now, I know in Norwood, that's backyard barbeque weather, but here it's kind of a shock to the system. Thankfully, our furnace works, the car has been starting and the heater for the one remaining fish in the tank hasn't conked out. Despite these blessings, however, it's pretty freaking miserable. The kids' hands and lips are all chapped, the cat is incredibly cranky, and I'm about ready to sign up with any school south of the border. Winter sucks.
Don is away for the weekend on a guy's camping trip with 5 of his friends. Fortunately, it's wussy camping, in a heated cabin with cigars and beer. Hopefully he'll have fun. His Christmas vacation was kind of defeated by the coughing and hacking. Then next week, I'm off to NYC for my auditions!
Can I mention briefly how freaked out I am? I was totally planning on losing 20 pounds by this time, and getting in a couple more monologue coaching sessions. Oh well. Stress-eating demolished the 20 pound plan, and financial woes nixed the coaching sessions. I'm trying to just view it as a fun trip to visit Steve, (and help him pack...) with a side of a few insignificant auditions along the way. Que sera sera.
On the home front, Cinderella's front teeth are coming in nicely, Tarzan's been bumped up another reading group level at school, and Scooby's considering entering a Shakespeare monologue and scene contest. (He's not being influenced in that decision at all. Ha ha.)
Time for a possett and a hot water bottle.

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