Friday, July 25, 2008

Today's moments

Cinderella: Mommy, while you were sleeping I saw a bug in your hair.


Cinderella: When I was cleaning under the table, I bumped my head. It still hurts.

Tarzan: I can see the red spot.

Cinderella: May you please pray for me?

Tarzan: Okay. God, please make E..'s head better. I pray this forever. Amen.

Cinderella: Thanks, T...


Cinderella: I saw a feather fall from the flowers. Oh...(giggles) I said feather!

Tarzan: You mean petal.

Cinderella: Yeah.

Cinderella: You are a disgrace!

Tarzan: On the contrary.

Cinderella: You're not on the contrary, because I'm the Queen!
Later Still:

Tarzan: You're cute. (Goes over and hugs Cinderella)

Tarzan: (after about 20 seconds) Stop hugging me.

Cinderella: (Lets go) Was I choking you?

Tarzan: No. I just couldn't breathe.


Blackbird said...

Tell Tarzan to start praying for the Red Sox. Sounds like he's got a direct hotline.

10 bucks says tomorrow Scooby will be crying because he doesn't want to leave camp.

jerrine said...

Love the "moments". Made me LOL!!