Friday, July 11, 2008


Today was Cinderella's last day of theater camp. She portrayed a "totally cool" zebra in the story "A Rumble in the Jungle." It was a smash hit.

Afterwards we went and trimmed Scooby's hair - the hairdresser showed him that by cutting his bangs on an angle, he could push them out of his face when Mom was looking, then shake them down into his eyes when she wasn't. He was tickled pink.

Then we went and got him some booster immunizations. He wasn't as happy about that. But then we got cookies. Iced Spiced Oatmeal for Cinderella, Snickerdoodle for Scooby, Dalmation for Tarzan (chocolate chip cookie with vanilla icing) and Gingersnap for me.

Then we read in bed, swam in the pool, and now I'm procrastinating making dinner before I head off for a set construction night for U-town. We open next Thursday! Yay!

What's going on out there?


M.M. said...

Sounds l ike a busy day! J Melissa, Dad and I played golf. I had my best score ever! yeah!!!!Loved the Thank you cards.

Melissa said...

Awesome b-day parties! Can I hire you?

SMNYC said...

NOW can I start gloating on Facebook?

I think lisa needs to join and teach us all a thing or two