Monday, July 28, 2008

He's Home!

Camp was fun. Better than okay, but not really, REALLY fun. He'd go again, maybe. It rained a lot, but only at night. He had swimming, and crafts, and hiking, and they were supposed to go camping but they didn't. And he made me a bowl in crafts, but he couldn't bring it home. (Reasons unclear) And they confiscated both flashlights, and only returned one. Everything else seems to have made it home. And he just found his sleeping bag and pillow today, on the way home. And he lost two teeth while eating Starbursts. (I think they were ready to come out anyway) And one of his counselors broke his arm playing soccer during camp, but could still play the guitar. He spent half an hour telling me about "Allegheny Idol" night, and Sledge-o-matic (smashing watermelons with sledgehammers), and the swimming pool, and how the bathroom stalls didn't lock, and what they had to eat. Now he's playing cars with the neighbor boy. (Still in yesterday's clothes...but he really doesn't smell too bad, considering.) Apparently, operation sleep-away camp was a success.


SMNYC said...


Followed most of that, except the part where a councilor broke david's arm playing Soccer. that part was confusing.

M.M. said...

I knew he'd make it and it all sounds very typical!!!
Give him a big hug for me.
M. M.

Amy said...

No. THe counselor broke his own arm. David's are fine.

Blackbird said...

That kid needs a haircut. Other than that, he seems to have survived. Except for the teeth. Did he bring those home for the tooth fairy?