Sunday, April 06, 2008

Well, Tarzan's first attempt at real live big-boy sleepover ended at about 10:45pm. The other boy's dad brought him to the front door and said, "Maybe next time" and took off. Apparently, he was fine until it was time to get PJ's on and get into bed - then he got worried about what might happen if he had a nightmare in the middle of the night and everyone else was sleeping. Legitimate fear, in my opinion. So home he came. Next time maybe we'll try it over here.
I took myself out last night and went to see the Pittsburgh Playhouse production of Romeo and Juliet. I hadn't seen a fully staged version since probably ninth grade. The sets, lights, costumes, fight choreography, and music were really good. The acting was...pretty young. Undergrad theater majors, and it really showed. But I enjoyed it and the best part was...on my way in, a lady was giving away her extra tickets, and I got in free! I'd go more often if I could be assured of that happening!!!

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