Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 2

Yep, I did it again. Got the boys on the bus, parked Cinderella in front of the computer, and walked/ran/slogged again. Up through Sewickley village again - my usual route. SUCH a gorgeous day! So many flowering trees, daffodils, tulips, hydrangeas, brillant blue sky, cool breeze...such a shame to have to ruin it by attempting forward motion with my decrepit old body.

Here is some video from the Dino show. Almost as good as being there! Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen???


SMNYC said...


I can't get the video to work right now though, I'll keep trying.

Blackbird said...

Awwww!!! I love the matter-of-fact look on his face through the whole thing - all in a day's work.

Melissa said...

It DID look like hard work!