Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another video

Here's one of the MANY dinosaur songs they did. This one's called "Dinosaur Boogie" - which if Mom is pronouncing it, is BOO-gy.

Day 3 of the running is scheduled for about 6:00pm this evening. I'll let you know how it goes. Because I know, you're totally enthralled.


Went up hill. Big hill. Bad hill. Big, bad, hilly hill.

Wildlife I encountered:

One groundhog

Two Geese

5 deer (alive) 1 deer (extremely dead)

6 wild turkeys

Numerous birds.

One very determined gnat who kept me company for about 1/2 an hour

Total duration of walk: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Thing I was most grateful for: That the elementary school was having a band concert, so I could go in and use the bathroom before I pooped myself.


SMNYC said...


Stick with it!

J bought the nike/ipod gadget. I'm tempted to try it out myself. Cause I mean, if a recording of Lance Armstrong saying "yay! you just ran 2 miles!" doesn't motivate you...well...I don't know what does!

J said...

Good Jorb!
Hills are bad, mmmmmmmmkay? I went running yesterday. It started out horridly, but somewhere around mile two, I actually got something approaching a second wind.

I've found that exercise is damn near the best medicine for...almost anything...except bronchitis.

Melissa said...

Yeah! just keep running, just keep running...I wonder if that gadget has Ellen on it...

Melissa said...

or asthma...

J said...

I'm all for the keyboard. Let's get real, you're only going to want to play late-ish at night, right? And you're just not going to be able to without seriously pissing off your neighbors. There are some sacrifices with a keyboard, but there are some really nice ones. Throw in a pair of decent ear-cans and you can pound away the Jerry Lee Lewis at 3am, and no ones the wiser.

Kylie said...

I am not noticing any other kids in NEARLY as cool dinosaur costumes. Are those kids just not in frame, or does Tarzan benefit from having a Mommy in theater?

Amy said...

Dinosaur costumes were optional - there are about 4 other kids wearing them. Most were wearing dinosaur T-shirts. And the costume actually came from Aunt Lisa!
And J, your second comment was meant for Steve, so hopefully he'll come over hear and read it!