Monday, March 24, 2008

Dancing vs.Dancing

Reasons why Dancing With the Stars is inferior to So You Think You Can Dance:

1. Only half the people can dance
2. The music is horrifying
3. Monica Seles
4. The America's Funniest Videos guy vs. Cat Deely
5. Monica Seles
6. Monica Seles
7. Oh, did I mention? Monica Seles. Good God, that woman is awkward.


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least Monica Seles didn't make a barre collapse just by putting her hand on it. I think Penn is taller than Colin Farrell.

And mock not until YOU can manage a presentable Latin movement. Step on the inside of the ball of one foot while sitting into the opposite hip, but not sticking said hip out. Turn the toe out, the knee in, then drop the heel while leading with your rib cage. Lift the shoulder while not lifting your shoulders, and sit into opposite hip while shifting weight. Repeat backwards. And put your tongue back in your mouth.

It's sort of like watching Scooby run the bases - "OK, Scooby, keep pumping those arms, but now try moving your feet, too..."

Melissa said...

Yeah, but if you tell her she's awkward, she could totally kick your butt...

Melissa said...

This one is much better!

Melissa said...

or this one: