Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Better Day?

Today I began my slow, limping run again in the morning. I walked on Monday and Tuesday and took Wednesday off...and today I actually ran a little bit. My knees aren't happy, but it felt good to do it again.
Tonight is the first time we're trying Cinderella with no pacifier. I thought she went to sleep, but I hear her crying up there again now. I've been putting it off, but our dentist finally yelled at me, so here we go. This was hell with the boys...I'm hoping she'll be a little easier!


J and M said...

Yay for running! Now come do the triathlon with us! Have you tried swimming at all? I'm pretty bad at it, but starting so low, there's nowhere to go but up! Every time we swim, its a little better...

Anonymous said...

I think the bike ride with J&M really freaked out my legs. Now walking is kicking my butt again.