Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mother has complained that now that she knows how to access the blog, I haven't updated it yet! I spent the weekend in the following ways...I sang at church for 3 different services. We have a worship team and we try to keep the same singers consistent for the weekend, so we don't screw up the cool harmonies we come up with in rehearsals. I cleaned my dentist's office - which we do in exchange for dental care...we have much the better end of that deal, believe me! Let's see...I re-read Crystal City, which is the 6th book in the Alvin Maker series by Orson Scott Card. I read it about a year ago, and was disappointed in it. I like it better on second reading, but it still feels like Card's editor fell down on the job and he tried to write too many stories in one book and didn't really see any of them through to an emotional satisfying climax. I also read parts of a book called Off Balance, about the seamy underworld of ballet. It was pretty old and repetitive, so I didn't really finish it, but it did make me feel a little better about my very definately NOT ballerina body! I also started Stephen King's newest, called Cell. It's very creepy - more along the blood and guts line of some of his horror stuff than the suspense stuff that I prefer, like Bag of Bones, which is my favorite. I have lots of work to do for the three musicals that I'm working on this spring, but I was procrastinating by reading. I also watched Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy on Sunday night. I love Grey's Anatomy, but I'm really pissed off that they have Meredith sleeping with George this week. That's just wrong. At least our cars didn't break down this weekend, but the cold has brought out some brand new noises! I'm hoping they just go away.

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