Friday, February 24, 2006

It's my potty and I'll cry if I want to

So I put Cinderella up for her nap later than usual, expecting her to fall right to sleep, like she usually does. 30 minutes later, she's still up there yelling, "Mama! Not sleeping, Mama! Not sleeping!" I go in to check on her, and she is completely naked in the crib. Never done that before! And she's extremely pleased with herself. "Yook, Mama. I nakey!" So I pick her up and she says, "Oh, I wet too. I go pee pee." I asked her where, and she pointed to the blanket. "Right dere, Mama. On byanket." So after changing all the blankets, sheets, and stuffed animals (it was a remarkably large pee area) I put on a clean pull-up and new clothes. Ten minutes later, she's wet again. Nothing totally remarkable about any of this, I know. At least I know why she wasn't sleeping. And at least it wasn't poop. A friend from church still tells the story of when her daughter was a toddler (she's graduating from high school this year - and loves to hear this story repeated, I'm sure) and she pooped, took off the diaper, and fingerpainted with the poop all over the kitchen stove. Which was on. So the poop baked onto the front of it and filled the home with a lovely poo-pourri smell! (Sorry) I'm just so over the whole diaper thing. It's times like this that make me think three kids really will be enough for us. (And to those of you who are incredulously wondering if it's really taken me this long to think that way...just keep it to yourselves, thank you very much!)
On the lighter side, though, if you ever want to have a really good laugh, just combine one semi-naked preschooler, washable markers, and a big giant hat. Thanks Uncle J! See results below!


Nicole said...

Is it wrong that I laughed?

Amy said...

Are you the mom of the baby who vomited after rolling over? Cause I SO totally laughed at that!!!