Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Timmy's Paper

Assignment: Write a "How To" Paper
Brainstorming page - What I do well
1. Feed cat
2. Give attention to cat
3. Anoyy Mom/Dad
4. Anoyy bro/sis
5. Fechting bones
6. swiming
7. Ignore someone
8. ride a bus
9. video games
10. TV
11. computer
12. eat
13. counting
14. math
15. blow nose
16. drawing
17. Brainstorming
18. writeing
19. skiping
20. takeing a test

How to Feed your Cat
This is how to feed your cat.  First you need to get your materials.  Your materials are a cat, cat food, and a bowl.  Next let your cat smell your finger.  Then put the food in the bowl.  Finally watch your cat until your cat is done eating.  Now if your mom asks you if you fed your cat; you can say that you did!


Blackbird said...

Why make the cat smell your finger?

SMNYC said...

Smell your finger?

Melissa said...

You should ask the cat! I'm glad to know that the nose blowing is going well!

Amy said...


SMNYC said...

Wait - Timmy knows how to use semi-colons?