Wednesday, October 06, 2010


48 degrees this morning.  All the fall/winter clothes still in storage.  Brr!
As you may have surmised, it's been a little busy here lately! Rehearsals for Our Town are chugging right along.  It's really tiring being onstage for three acts every night with very short breaks at intermission.  The fatigue is making it hard to keep the lines in my head.  I can paraphrase the night away, but I'm trying to be a stickler for word perfect memorization and there are many similar sounding lines that are kicking my butt right now.  The show's going okay - there are some strange idiosynchrasies that some of the actors have that drive me nuts, but in the interests of not knowing who's going to read this, I'll not elaborate further!
Scooby is belt-testing for Taekwondo next week.  More money, yay! If he passes he'll be up to yellow belt (the first step up from white belt.) It's a pain in the a$$ getting him there three times a week, but I think it was the right call.  He likes it, it's exercise, it gets him out from in front of the computer for an hour.  Good deal all around.
Tarzan ran for Student Council Secretary, but didn't win.  He had cute posters and a great speech, but the political machine spit him back out.  He did, however, win "Citizen of the Month" for September, so we get to have a sign in our yard for another month.  I swear, we've only gone about two months since we've been here that the sign wasn't in our yard.  Not complaining, it's kind of fun...although Don doesn't like mowing around it.
Cinderella's doing fine too - I'd love to get her into a class or something, but it's going to have to wait awhile, unfortunately.  She seems to be doing well in school - math is better than writing for her, and she's still struggling with telling time (but honestly, I still struggle with it sometimes myself!) and her reading is getting much better.
Oh, and I had a birthday yesterday.

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