Monday, March 08, 2010

Tired of looking at myself

I'm pooped. This week is going to be nuts. Today I had an interview for Regent Summer Camps, then class, then helped the first grade teacher, then class, then wardrobe crew, then homework. Tomorrow, Scooby's play, then class, then helping the first grade teacher, then Walmart, then wardrobe crew. Wednesday, class, helping the first grade teacher, pick up Scooby from cast party, class, take Tarzan to first baseball team meeting/practice, wardrobe crew. Thursday, take Scooby to school at 7:15 for field trip, class, help first grade teacher, class, pick up Scooby from field trip, parents night and meeting for baseball, wardrobe crew. Friday, help fifth grade teacher, class, wardrobe crew. Saturday, baseball field cleanup, drive Tarzan to birthday party, combat workshop, wardrobe crew for two shows. Yes, for some of these I may have to be in two places at once. I'm pooped.


Carol said...

Wow!! I tired just reading all you have to do!! "Break a leg" David! I guess this is the James Madison one?

M.M. said...

How did David do? How are you doing?

Amy said...

David was awesome. Best in the bunch. I'm really tired. Timmy started baseball today - because I need to complicate life more.