Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Laser Lemon

That's the color of crayon sitting on the desk in front of me. What does that even mean - "Laser Lemon"? The lemon part I suppose I understand, but what a laser has to do with describing a color is beyond me.

Sunday morning we had our first experience with x-rays. Of course, it was Tarzan. Sometime on Saturday, while I was at You Can't Take it With You and Don was working in the front yard, Tarzan figured out how to get from the top of the swingset/fort onto a tree branch and swing down onto the grass. That was so fun he decided to do it again, but the second time his foot caught on the slide and tipped him sideways, landing him on top of his arm. But he didn't want to tell Don he'd hurt himself, because he was afraid Don would be mad he was swinging on the branch. So we didn't find out until the next morning, getting ready for church. He was complaining about the arm hurting, he couldn't lift or straighten it, and it hurt to the touch. So off we went to Patient First. They did x-rays, but fortunately it's not broken. Just a "contusion." So they gave him a split and a sling to wear for a couple of days. After one day of not being able to write in school, he decided to ditch the splint. He's still got it in the sling, and we're skipping a couple days of baseball practice, but he's already almost back to full mobility.

No news on the waiting lists.

I've accepted the summer camp position, so now just have to work out all the details.

Cinderella is doing a Reader's Theater piece in school tomorrow. She's playing Pinky the Pig in an adaptation of how the three little pigs explain to the big bad wolf the difference between solids, liquids, and gases. And who says there's no more good theater out there?

Busy weekend coming up. Scooby's got All-City orchestra, and I've got the Virginia Beach Bash, and my SAFD testing for Unarmed Combat.

It's flowering tree and daffodil season - my favorite time of year! Now if I could only get outside and enjoy it!


Carol said...

So glad Tarzan is doing so well. Nothing keeps him down!! Busy household! Love to all!

SMNYC said...

Are you SURE that's what happened?

"You fell outta the bed, you fell outta the bed..."

Melissa said...

Don't tell Don! Don't tell Don!

Blackbird said...
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Blackbird said...

I think I've solved Tarzan's problem. Keep an eye on the mail.

Melissa said...

Your blog gets a lot of spam.