Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I've been informed that I need a new headshot. (Which, if look on the Regent website and compare the quality of mine to others, I definitely agree. Those were taken with our crappy camera and they just don't reproduce well.)A friend of mine, an undergrad theater student, is also a photography buff and has a nice new camera, with which she's offering to take shots of people on campus for practice. She took some of me yesterday, and I've posted some of them on Facebook. For those of you not on FB (Lisa) I'll put the top six up here too...please vote! The department is also having a professional photographer come in April to do shots - $225 for a total package, $35 for a mini-session (one outfit, five minutes). Since I'll be here for two more years and may look different when I graduate, I'm opting for the mini-session. So, I'll end up either using one of these, or one of the five minute mini-session shots. Even if you voted on Facebook, feel free to vote again here!



Melissa said...

I think they look good in series! Can you only use one?

SMNYC said...

2 and 4

M.M. said...

I like 6 but also 2 and 4. They look like they are for different purposes. A head shot is a head, right?

Sawdust said...

I liked 5 the best, but they're all great.

CassandraMadeIt said...

I think you should use #4 cropped to the button. There's another shot I liked a lot that you posted on FB; you can feel your star-power in it. :)

I think you should choose at least two that you like that show different sides of your personality; that way you can choose a shot based on role you're trying to get.

You REALLY should model. & start looking for commercial work. :)

Blackbird said...

2 for artsy productions, recropped 4 for general program notes, 6 for advertising. You'll probably need B&W shots, too, and the best B&W's might not be the same as the best color shots - have Scooby convert copies of your samples to B&W. MM is right - they should be close-cropped so that they're almost all head, though a little cleavage never hurt an acting career.

Amy said...

I have them all in B&W too - just didn't post them. And the new trend is color, so most things will probably show them in color soon anyway. I'll probably hold off on getting prints until after I have the other session in April.

Melissa said...

No one cares about my head in my profession. We do take a lot of head shots of the pets though.

Carol said...

I love that one!! It looks like 3, cropped. They are all great. Number 6 is one of my favorites, too. You have a wonderful smile.