Friday, March 20, 2009


Not a whole lot to say today. Kids got report cards - all good. Scooby has A's in Math and Social Studies and A plusses in Language Arts, Science, Spanish and Violin. He's such an underacheiver. The other two don't get letter grades yet, but are doing really really well. I'm so proud of them. I got the scripts and the videos of the school tour shows that I'm subbing in for - three are about bullying and one is about drugs. In fact, the drug one is the same basic script that I did - what was it - 17 years ago? It's been updated, of course, and some much needed improvements have been made, but overall it's pretty much the same. Kind of funny. The bullying ones seem pretty good too, although one seems pretty cheesy on paper. I'm hoping it translates better into video or live. I've got a week to learn the four scripts, so it will be a challenge.
I was scheduled at Pitt this week as a training tool for Psychiatric faculty to learn the methodology of the upcoming Psyche "Observed Clinical Education Training" (that's not quite right, but it's close enough.) Unfortunately, 4 out of the 5 faculty that were supposed to show up didn't, so in the room were another Standardized Patient, myself, the co-ordinator of the SP program, and the head faculty member who was running the seminar - all there to train one poor guy. It went all right, I guess. The two cases I'm working this week are a Med-seeking Valium addict and a Manic-Disorganized Bi-Polar patient. They're pretty interesting. The manic one will be a challenge, because I basically have to talk rapidly and non-stop unless I'm forcibly stopped by the students. I hope I can think of enough to say! It's hard because it can't be stuff about "me", it has to be stuff that's relevant to "patient" who has her own back-story, family history, work life, home life, etc.
To those of you participating in the weight loss challenge, I will NOT be posting my starting weight and BMI here on the blog. If you want to know it, to keep me honest, I'll email you.

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