Thursday, March 19, 2009

Small graces, part 9

1. The engine light wasn't anything serious - same emissions code as before, possibly a loose gas cap.
2. Got everywhere I needed to go today - three different jobs - and all went well.
3. Enjoyed talking to Mom for awhile.
4. Beauty and the Beast is going to be a good show!
5. Tarzan's new Ranger Rick magazine came.

On the frustrating side, I emailed Regent and BU to see if they could give me a timeline for finding answer yet from BU, and Regent said it could be a couple more weeks. WEEKS! Aarrgh!


Blackbird said...

Who is Ranger Rick?

Amy said...

He's a raccoon. It's an outdoorsy nature magazine that Tim really likes. I got him a subscription for Christmas and he's really happy when they come once a month.