Monday, May 05, 2008

Dude, my bro got Dooced!

Not familiar with the term? Check out:
Also, check out her website if you're not offended by frank language and sometimes raunchy humor. See how I keep deflecting you away from my own blog? It's a clever ruse so "the MAN" won't find me and ...oh, wait; nobody cares what I write! See, there are benefits to being insignificant.

In other news, days 11 and 12 were skipped due to Scooby's illness. Days 13 and 14 were runs in the village, and today, Day 15, was a long walk to Moon park and back (from the church, not from my house.) Probably about 4.5 miles. Yay, me.



SMNYC said...

I really wish it was called something else a little more pleasant.


Blackbird said...

Just because you get dooced doesn't mean you're a doocebag.

FWIW: blogspot allows you to change various settings for your blog, including the following:

Let search engines find your blog?
Yes No
If you select "Yes" we will include your blog in Google Blog Search and ping If you select "No", everyone can still view your blog but search engines will be instructed not to crawl it.

Mine is set to "No". I tried googling it, and sure enough, while 5 other identically named blogs pop up, mine isn't on the list.