Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Day 17

Yesterday I sanded down the picnic table and benches, and bought sand for the sandbox. I also bought a variety of petunias to plant in the little garden in the back. Some purple ones, some red and white striped ones that the kids really like, and some pretty yellow ones called Lemon Zest. I also have some perrenials from last year that came back, but I have no idea what they are. Spiky purple things, star-shaped white flowers on a big fuzzy green leaves, and little purple ones on vines.
I also ran in the village, but then it got dark so I walked home.
Today I painted the picnic table and benches, and went for a very hilly walk. Not THE BIG HILL, but pretty hilly anyway. That's easy to do around here.
Today's soundtrack: Moulin Rouge


M.M. said...

Hey learn the name of those flowers! This isn't your sister.

Melissa said...

Yeah for walking...and running...then walking....then running...