Sunday, March 13, 2011


Gorgeous 70 degrees and sunny today -
The trees are all in bloom and daffodils are everywhere.  Happy sigh.
Yesterday Scooby and I spent the entire day at the Tidewater Science Fair, where around 300 students from 6th through 12th grade were displaying their projects at Old Dominion University.  At the end of the day, over $3,000 in cash prizes as well as medallions and certificates were given away.  Scooby didn't win anything, and was pretty disappointed.  But, he got a T-shirt from the event, and he thought the college cafeteria was pretty cool.  I hope he had a good time, considering the amount of work we put into it.  He did get an A on the final project though, and his teacher asked if she could use his final report as an example for future classes.
Tarzan spent the afternoon at the District Pinewood Derby, where he came in 12th.  He won three out of four heats, so I guess the final results were based on the actual times rather than winning statistics.
Cinderella need some special event of her own - working on that for her.  She's been good about being dragged around to the boys' stuff.
Counseling is going pretty well, I guess.  We continue to struggle with some control issues, but we haven't had the crazy intense meltdowns for awhile.  Still not sure we're making any progress on finding the root of the issues, but she seems to think the change in behavior will lead to new habits, so let's hope that's true.
Trying to catch up on some homework today, but the weather is making it hard! We went for a family scavenger hunt/walk a little bit ago, so that helped, but Scooby and I are still finding it hard to concentrate!
Hope everyone out there is enjoying a taste of Spring!

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