Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Christmas Stories

By the kids

The first is Cinderella's (age 6)

The titull is the list of caldr days itill Christmas

The star oh the star
it is so beautiful!

the angel oh the angel
her wings is so beautiful.

the camel oh the camel
his bumps are so beautiful.

Babby Jesus oh babby Jesus
he is so handsome.

the sheep of the sheep
her wool is so soft

the cow oh the cow
she shared her manger.

the donkey oh the donkey
she carried Mary to the stable.

the wisman oh the wisman
they brot prasits to Baby Jeus
the prasits are beautiful.

An Acrostic Christmas Poem by Tarzan (age 7)
(minus the "R")

C hrist the lord was sleeping in his manger when men three of them were right there.

"H abdaba!" said the lord.

I (wich is a litte sheperd.) tryed to calm him down.

S o I took him to Mary and Josef.

T wo of the men walked by. The lord scremed agin.

M ary said "Go away!" to the men.

"A present we bring." said the men

S o the men gave the present but Mary said "My son is not a king." "Yes he is" said the men. "The star lead us to you." "Relly?" said Mary "Yes" said the men


Carol said...

Very creative! Loved them! Where's Scooby's?

Melissa said...

That's great!

Amy said...

Scooby's was sent out in email form...let me know if you didn't get it!

M.M. said...

Scooby's was super. I loved it as I did the others. Be sure to save them.

jerrine said...

I want Scooby's! :-)

Carol said...

I got Scooby's and printed it out! Will share it! WONDERFUL! Thanks! Merry Christmas!

cosmin said...
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