Sunday, December 06, 2009

Advent Day 6

Cinderella seems fine.
Scooby has a fever.
All 3 are scheduled for H1N1 shots at school tomorrow. Do they get them even if they're sick?
The Christmas tree is up - the stand broke a little, so hopefully it will stay up.
Kids all got haircuts today - Cinderella's is chin-length! She's been asking for two years now, and she even paid for it herself, so I finally gave in. It is VERY cute, but too grown up looking. Edit: Pictures posted!
PRAYING that all are well enough to go to school tomorrow and that I don't get sick. My stomach's been mildly protesting all week, but hasn't gotten any worse, so I'm determinately ignoring it. This is finals week/production week for Little Women - I CAN'T GET SICK!!!!!

Decorating the tree - all three new haircuts - Amahl and the Night Visitors on TV in background


M.M. said...

OOh my baby is all grown up already! So cute!

Blackbird said...

She looks like Ramona Quimby. Don't worry, she's probably got a few more little-kid moves in her.

Melissa said...

Terribly cute. Maybe I should try that hairdo!