Friday, October 16, 2009


So the verdict is in! Actually, the results aren't a total surprise, as two of the professors pulled me aside yesterday to tell me that I was cast in a couple of the shows, but they were conflicting not only with each other, but with As You Like It, which I have already started rehearsals for. They wanted to know if it would be all right with me if I was taken out of As You Like It and put in the other shows instead, with much bigger parts. So I said sure! So, I'm cast as Marmee in Little Women, going up Dec. 10 - 13, and Mrs. Kendal in Elephant Man, going up the last two weeks in January. I was hoping I'd get into Godspell too, but I didn't. Not You Can't Take It With You either, so no 25th anniversary performances for me. But I'm thrilled with the two parts I got, and really looking forward to tackling some challenging work. So long, Shakespeare...our acquaintance was brief, but fun.

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